Frequently asked questions

What is a 'kit pack'?
A 'kit' is a set of materials used for a particular purpose. Our kits are needlework kits, therefore they contain all the materials you need to craft our figures. This is a big advantage, because you get everything you need from only one purchase. 

Does your kits contain everything I need, to craft your figures? 
Yes! Kits from Go Handmade contains all the materials you need to craft our figures. We have even added knitting needles and crochet hooks to our crochet and knitting kits. Please be aware of that there is no sewing needle in our sewing kits. On every product page all materials for that specific product is listed. 

Will kids be able to make your kits?

Kits from Go Handmade are designed for adults and are therefore considered to be an adult hobby. The products are therefore not developed with the aim that kids should be able to make them. 

How long time does it take to craft your figures? 
It is simply impossible to say, how long time it will take you to craft our figures. That depends on many factors; if it is a knitting, crochet, or sewing kit, which animal it is, and how experienced you are in your needlework. 

I am a novice, and I have never knitted or crocheted before. Will I be able to craft your figures?
All of our figures have many small details, and therefore our products require some skills, and experience with needlework. That is why we will advise you to practise on some more 'simple' patterns, before you leap in on our kits. 

Are your patterns only in English?
No - all our patterns are available in 8 to 10 languages (Danish, English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish). 

I think I found a mistake in a pattern, what do I do?
We work hard at making patterns that are correct, and easy to understand as possible. Unfortunately, we do not always find the mistakes before it is too late. So if it happens that you find a mistake in a pattern, then please take a look on our page 'Pattern Corrections'. Maybe we have already found the mistake, if so you will be able to see how the pattern should look like. If you cannot find the correction for that specific mistake, then please send us an email to info@gohandmade.net - then we will take a look at it. 

There is not enough yarn in my crochet or knitting kit?
We have made sure that there is extra yarn of every colour in all crochet and knitting kits. All figures have been through several tests made by skilled handicraftsers. As a result we have been able to ensure the precise amount of yarn in every single kit pack. If you have not been able to get the amount of yarn to fit with your work, it can be that you have not knitted or crocheted with the right tension. In our patterns we have pointed out the importance of knitting and crocheting with a tight tension. Our advice is that you check your tension again, and read our advice about knitting and crocheting tension on our page 'Good Advice'

I am missing some materials in my kit. What do I do now? 
Please send us an email on info@gohandmade.net with your order details and what materials you are missing. Most of our kits contain many small parts, that can easily disappear. So please do a double take. If you pour out the content at one go, then please do it a place where the pieces cannot disappear - and somewhere not close to small kids or pets. 

Not all the felt parts (in my sewing kit) is in my kit? 

All parts are stamped out, so they are ready to be sewn together. In the kit packs the felt is placed in layers, and therefore it can be difficult to see all the parts. The felt has to be taken apart, before you start sewing - so you have 2 pieces of body, 2 ears, 2 legs etc. Please check if this is the case, if you are still missing some felt then please send us an email info@gohandmade.net. 

What do I use the wooden charm for? 
In all kits we have added an extra small thing for you, to praise everything that is handmade. It is a wooden charm with 'Hand made' engraved. You can sew it on the body of the figure, or hang it in a string around the figure's neck. We think it is a nice detail that makes your handicraft even more unique. 

There are pipe cleaners in my kit, but it is not described what I need them for? 
The pipe cleaners function is to make the arms and legs bendable on your figure - if there is pipe cleaners in your kit, without any other description, then this is their purpose. 

Missing the answer to your question?

If you did not find the answer to your question please send us an email to info@gohandmade.dk
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