Minimum order requirement
Inside the EU
Minimum amount for the order Euro 350 (excluding VAT).

Outside the EU
Minimum amount for the order Euro 600 (excluding VAT).


Payment terms
Inside the EU
Invoice within 14 days.

Outside the EU
Prepayment 100 % plus freight and customs fee.
For customer without a VAT number - extra handling cost can occur.
Norwegian customers have 14 days to pay and does not need to pay in advance.



  • EU countries: 20 € per carton. 
  • Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Great Britain are 27 € per carton + 30 € Custom Fee per order.
  • NON-EU countries - all shipping on customers own handling

The freight is per carton. Depending on the content, the weight per carton varies from approx. 10-20 kg.


Sold out items
Products may unfortunately turn out to be out of stock, even if they have been available for ordering. This is because we have customers who place orders through methods other than the webshop. As a result, the inventory status only becomes known when those orders are updated in our system.
Thank you for your understanding.