Moss Stitch Basket - Square - UK

Model/Product no.: 99754

Moss Stitch Basket "Square"

The pattern describes how: 
1. to crochet the baskets with crocheted bottom. 
2. to crochet the baskets with Go handmade’s firm bases (PU leather bases). 
3. to crochet the basket higher or lower. 

Incl. tutorial for lining.

Diameter measured at the bottom. 
Size: D 15 cm x H 9 cm/Cosy yarn 150 g. 
Size: D 18 cm x H 10 cm/Cosy yarn 200 g. 
Size: D 22 cm x H 11 cm/Cosy yarn 275 g. 
Double thread: 8 ddc and 7 dc/10 cm. 
Crochet hook: 4,0 - 4,5 mm. 

Good to know 
Go handmade’s collection is developed by the masters themselves - passionate crochets who love their craft. 

Hook, size and gauge 
All baskets are crocheted with what we consider to be normal to firm gauge. The gauge that we think best suits the baskets. 
Crocheters crochet very differently: some crochet with a hook size 2,0 mm and obtain the same size of design and quality as a person who crochets with a hook size 4,0 mm. 
We owe this knowledge to the team of crocheters who join us for all our baskets. The key to crochet a specific size is a lot about the crochet style/hands/skills, rather than the size of hook. 
Therefore, we will recommend a range of hook sizes up to: 4,0 – 4,5 mm.

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