Tencel Bamboo (Double)

Tencel (Double) – your new favourite yarn.
Tencel (Double) is a organic sustainable natural material manufactured from wood chips, primarily from beech and eucalyptus. The wood is FSC certified and comes from natural culling of the woods or leftovers from other wood production. Tencel (Double) is the most sustainable of materials, made with the most utterly environmental concerns.

The uniqueness of Tencel (Double) – soft and mild for the skin. The composition of the fibres’ smooth structure from beech and eucalyptus makes Tencel material very pleasant for the skin. It’s softer than silk and smoother to the skin than wool and cotton and has also a fantastic absorbent quality.

Good to know
Needle size and tension
Knitters knit very differently: some knit with a needle size 2.0 mm and obtain the same size of design quality as a person who knits with a needle size 4.0 mm. We owe this knowledge to the team af knitters who join us. The key to knit a specific size is a lot about the knitting style/hands/skills, rather than the size of needles.
Therefore, we will recommend a range of needle sizes.


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