Pigs/ 2 styles & beads - FR

Model/Product no.: 99608


Yarn - 100% cotton:
10 g pink
2 g light purple
3 g white
1 g turquoise
2 eyes 6 mm
Wooden ring 68 mm
Toy stuffing
Crochet hook 2,0 - 3,0 mm

Yarn - 100% cotton:
40 g pink
3 g light purple
8 g white
1 g turquoise
6 eyes 6 mm
Wooden beads 20 mm
Polyester string
Toy stuffing
Crochet hook 2,0 - 3,0 mm

All stated yarn lengths are guideline only and depend on the individual crochet style.

Good to know
Gohandmade’s collection is developed and handcrafted by the expert hands of passionate crocheters.
All are crocheted to meet what we find is a medium tightness and what suits the animal.

Hook Size & Tension
Crocheters crochet very differently: some crochet with a hook size 2,0 mm and obtain the same size of design and
quality as a person who crochets with a hook size 4,0 mm.
We owe this knowledge to the team of crocheters who join us. The key to crochet a specific size is a lot about the
crochet style/hands/skills, rather than the size of hook. Therefore, we will recommend a range of hook sizes.

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