Teddy Family/ 2 sizes - UK

Model/Product no.: 99520

Teddy family/2 sizes


Teddy 37 cm 27 cm
Couture: 300 g 200 g
Soft: 25 g 25 g
Hook: 3,0 - 4,0 mm
Eyes: 10 & 14 mm
Toy stuffing

Good to know

Go handmade’s collection is developed and handcrafted

by the expert hands of passionate crocheters. All are

crocheted to meet what we find is a medium tightness

and what suits the animal.

Hook Size & Tension

Crocheters crochet very differently: some crochet with a

hook size 2,0 mm and obtain the same size of design and

quality as a person who crochets with a hook size 4,0 mm.

We owe this knowledge to the team of crocheters who

join us. The key to crochet a specific size is a lot about the

crochet style/hands/skills, rather than the size of hook.

Therefore, we will recommend a range of hook sizes.

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