Paragraph: NB!

(Corrections for all languages)

The cast on and first two rows are worked in blue. Continue working alternately 2 rows white and 2 rows blue. Always change colour at the beginning of a purl row.

Paragraph: Head

(Corrections for all languages)

Please notice that you should start knitting the head from the back, and not from the nose as it says in the pattern. 

2.) k1, (k1, inc 1) x 7, k1 (16)
36.) (k1, k2 tog) x 7, k1 (15)

Paragraph: Ears 

6.) k4, k2 tog, k2 tog tbl, k3, k2 tog, k2 tog tbl, k4 (15)

Paragraph: Head

(Corrections only for UK)
34.) k1, k2 tog, k6, k2 tog, k4, k2 tog, k6, k2 tog, k1 (22)

Paragraph: Arms

‘The turn up faces upwards.’ should read ‘The cast on edge goes at the top.’

Paragraph: Legs

(Corrections only for UK, NL, ES, and TR)
k10, cast off 17 sts, k10 (20)

Paragraph: Heart 

(Corrections only for UK, NL, ES, and TR) 

19.) p2 tog                   (1)