The recipes are clear and contain sweet and funny photo illustrations, which we are sure you will feel comfortable with. All our designs, photos and recipes were created by our team of skilled women who have had fun during the development of the different models.
We also hope you will have many wonderful creative hours out of cropping your own models. We have been enchanted by them and as a wonderful adventure, their 'personality' has given us a lot - one can not help smiling and being happy when they are met by their beautiful expression. The old saying that "only imagination sets limits" fits very well here, because as in a real adventure, we suddenly even started playing with the animals and creating small scenes, for example. with the two ballet mice Ella and Emily, who are in training at the ballet school, or the fiddle dog Fido who meets one of the 'big boys' from the real world.

To your inspiration, each kit kit has made a small photo series with the individual animal and its friends.