Fairy tale

Once upon a time there was ...

A time for fairy tales! Throughout the development process of our animals and dolls, it has been our idea to create the possibility of stories. I myself was born and raised in H.C. Andersen's childhood town of Odense,
something which has always meant something very special to me and has been very inspiring in my work with all the animals and the dolls. Everyone knows fairy tales. These are some of the first stories we hear as children,
and we all know what belongs to a true fairy tale. A fairy tale always takes the side of the weakest, and it is the poorest, who becomes the princess. A fairy tale always has a happy ending – good is victorious over the evil.
Fantastic things happen in fairy tales, birds can speak and frogs may turn into princes. Fairy tales speak to our innermost thoughts and feelings – they can be about being alone in the world, overcoming incredible dangers,
finding love or becoming a hero. The same fairy tales are told throughout the world in slightly different ways. With the super cute animals and dolls from gohandmade.dk, you can create your own fairy tales.
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