Corrections for knitting patterns

NB! The stated corrections on this page are divided into the kit packs they belong. The corrections depend on which edition you have bought, since we are updating the patterns before they are printed in a new edition. Therefore it is not all corrections that are relevant for you. There are corrections for the books, as well as the pattern booklets (from the kit packs).

Astrid & Frida 
(Addition to the doll's body for all languages)

All parts are knitted
in the round on 3 mm double-pointed needles.
DE Alle Teile werden als Rundstrickarbeit auf 3-mm-Sockenstricknadeln gestrickt.
FR Tricoter toutes les parties en rond sur des aiguilles à deux pointes de 3 mm.
NL Alle onderdelen worden in de naald op 3 mm naalden met dubbele punten gebreid.
NO Alle deler strikkes rundt på 3 mm strømpepinne.
PL Wszystkie elementy przerabiać na około na drutach 3 mm do skarpet.
SE Alla delar stickas runt på strumpstickor 3 mm.
ES Todas las piezas se tejen con punto en redondo con agujas de doble punta de 3 mm.
TR Tüm parçalar 3 mm'lik çift uçlu şişlerdeki turlar ile örülür.

Lukas & Frinds colelction
Abbreviations and definitions
(Corrections for EN & ES)

k2 tog tbl ... change to
SSK slip, slip, knit (decrease). Slip 2 stitches knit-wise one at a time. Insert left needle from the right through front loop of both sts and k2 tog.

k2 tog tbl ... change to
SSK Pasar 1 punto, pasar 1 punto, tejer los dos juntos al derecho. (disminuir) Pasar 2 puntos como si fuera a tejer del derecho. Introduzca la aguja izquierda por el bucle elantero de ambos sts y dé dos puntos del derecho juntos. Puede sustituirse por2 sts trenzados juntos.

The Cat Simon
(Addition to the pattern)
Please be aware of that Simon's body is knitted from top to the bottom.

Paragraph: Head
(Corrections for all languages)

24.)    k1, k2 tog x 4          (8)

Bear Camille
Paragraph: NB!
(Corrections for all languages)
The cast on and first two rows are worked in blue. Continue working alternately 2 rows white and 2 rows blue. Always change colour at the beginning of a purl row.

Paragraph: Head
(Corrections for all languages)

Please notice that you should start knitting the head from the back, and not from the nose as it says in the pattern. 

2.) k1, (k1, inc 1) x 7, k1 (16)

36.) (k1, k2 tog) x 7, k1 (15)

Paragraph: Ears
6.) k4, k2 tog, k2 tog tbl, k3, k2 tog, k2 tog tbl, k4 (15)

Paragraph: Head
(Corrections only for UK)

34.) k1, k2 tog, k6, k2 tog, k4, k2 tog, k6, k2 tog, k1 (22)

Paragraph: Arms
‘The turn up faces upwards.’ should read ‘The cast on edge goes at the top.’

Paragraph: Legs
(Corrections only for UK, NL, ES, and TR)

k10, cast off 17 sts, k10 (20)

Paragraph: Heart 
(Corrections only for UK, NL, ES, and TR) 

19.) p2 tog                   (1)

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